laser hair removal pregnancy. It’s NOT Safe


Jan 22, 2022

laser hair removal pregnancy. It’s NOT Safe .

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During pregnancy, hormone levels change and excess hair growth is typical, but that doesn’t mean you should run to get laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal is safe, but there isn’t enough research to know if it’s safe for the unborn baby. Pregnant women should avoid laser treatment until after they’ve given birth. If you’re dealing with unwanted facial hair, stick with traditional hair removal methods like shaving. Avoid hair removal creams and laser skin treatments to eliminate the risk of negative effects.

When you’re pregnant, your primary focus should be on the health of yourself and your baby. Give birth to that happy, healthy baby first.

2 The Safety of Hair Removal While Pregnant from

Laser hair removal targets dark pigment in the hair and causes thermal and/or mechanical damage to the hair follicle. There are no studies that evaluate the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy. Many health care providers recommend avoiding laser hair removal during pregnancy because of the lack of information about the effect on the fetus.