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Jan 22, 2022
  1. Is it Safe to Get Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy?

Is it Safe to Get Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy?
If you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, the question of whether or not something is safe may be a frequent flyer in your mind. And just like the murky, pregnancy-safe waters where things like tea tree oil reside, when it comes to getting laser hair removal while pregnant, there’s just not enough research to definitively confirm its safety one way or the other.

2. No safety studies

The main reason to wait: No safety studies
The International Journal of Women’s DermatologyTrusted Source published a review in 2017 on the safety of cosmetic procedures for pregnant women.

The reviewers said that while lasers have been safely used to treat medical conditions like kidney stones and genital warts in pregnant women, there’s no safety data available to support using lasers for cosmetic procedures like laser hair removal.

The lack of research on this subject probably won’t change soon, because scientists don’t want to risk harming mothers and babies by intentionally exposing them to potentially harmful products and procedures.

Although laser hair removal is generally considered a safe procedure, doctors and dermatologists usually advise women to avoid the procedure because no studies have been done to prove that it’s safe for mothers and babies. In the absence of research, doctors err on the side of caution.