445nm レーザーモジュール 1500mW

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445nm レーザーモジュール 1500mW




445nm レーザーモジュール 1500mW

Dimensions: φ22*90mm

Output wavelength: 445-450nm

Output power: 100-1500mW (other power can be customized)

Surface treatment: anode black

Shell material: aviation aluminum

Circuit control: ACC

Reverse protection: Yes
Working voltage: 100mW voltage is DC=3-5V (with 5V switching power supply)

500mW-1500mW voltage DC=12V (with 12V switching power supply)
Operating current: I<1600mA

Warm-up time: None
Working temperature: -10°C~+40°C
Storage temperature: +10°C~+40°C

Product net weight: 120g

Structural features: laser tube + lens + heat dissipation shell

Standard power supply: 5V-12V two specifications of switching power supply (except 5V for 100mW, 12V for other power), can be directly used in 220V socket