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  • 5つの星のキャップが付いている強力な燃焼レーザー懐中電灯,10000mの調整可能な集中力を備えた強力なパワーバー,燃焼されたレーザー



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  • 銘柄: JLXC
  • 出力電力: 1-5メガワット
  • 起源: Cn (原点)
  • モデル番号: Laser 017
  • タイプ: レーザーの視力

Option 1: Laser only (excluding charger and battery and other accessories)

Option 2: blue laser + 16340 charger + 2×16340 battery + 5cap + exclusive carton packaging (collision is inevitable during transportation, we do not guarantee that the carton is completely ignored)

Option 3: blue laser+16340 charger+2×16340 battery+5cap+laser protective glasses+laser advanced aluminum box packaging

Product parameters:

Battery: 16340 lithium battery × 2

Range: 8000m

Single weight: 204g

Beam color: blue single point / with 5 star head

Working voltage: DC 3.7Vx2

Start-up time: ≤ 0.03 seconds

Whether to adjust the focus: adjustable focus

Shell material: high-strength alloy


1) Due to the difference of light and screen, the color of the product may be slightly different from the picture.

2) Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-2 cm.

Additional information

Aluminum box, No battery provided, Paper package