Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal Machine 1064nm 755nm 808nm Diode Laser Painless Permanent Lazer Hair Removal Three Wavelength

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Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal Machine 1064nm 755nm 808nm Diode Laser Painless Permanent Lazer Hair Removal Three Wavelength


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  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Certification: CE
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 57*62*137
  • Model Number: B02
  • Item Type: Epilator
  • Use: Bikini
  • Use: Body
  • Use: Face
  • Use: Underarm

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Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

808 freezing point is based on selective solar-thermal dynamics, through
adjusting the wavelength, energy and pulse width of the laser through the
skin to the hair root hair follicles, the heat energy is absorbed and break
down the follicle tissue, making hair regeneration.The system of quick
freezing point hair removal apply for refrigeration protection,It can make
the temperature up to -5℃,It solves a lot difficulties.At the same time ,
it is safe, quick and permanent technology.

The process of hair removal first time
Can visit to our company, the beautician will make plan for you according to your
specific situation.
2.Confirming the skin
The beautician will make a confirmation for your skin, the density of hair.
3.Painting cooling gel
Clear the hair, and paint the cooling gel.
Customer should wear goggle, whole treatment only use 3 minutes.
5. cooling
Clear away the cooling gel, using cooling bag.
6.Calming down
Paint the beauty fluid, and protect the skin.

Training Request

808nm Diode Laser Hair removal system design requirements for the operator
through the aspects of training, and read the manual. Requirements including
physicians, nurses, technicians or other professionals.

Use and Indications

808nm Diode laser hair removal system used for hair removal and hair
permanently reduce. This system can be used for all types of skin (Expected I-VI
skin), including sunburn skin.
Hair removal process based on the selective principle of field. The method
including destroy hair regeneration mechanism, by moving the hair follicle
temperature rise to a high enough to destroy the germainal cells, but will not
damage skin and surrounding tissue. Refers to the division, germinal cell
differentiation of the cells that make up the hair follicles. After the laser effect,
consumed by phagocytes out these cells in vitro.
808nm Diode laser hair removal system unique cooling technology, so that you can
directly into the hair roots, laser cooling at the same time protect the skin
surrounding tissue, improve the patient’s comfort.
Diode laser uses 808nm wavelength is applicable to remove unwanted hair, and
the effect is stable, long-term or permanent.

Treatment can cause side effects

uncomfortable—When the laser pulse, some patients have different degree of
discomfort. Some people feel like being bitten, others compared to rubber band to play to
the feeling, or for a hour after burning sensation. Most patients can be tolerated treatment,
others require prior surface anesthesia.
Damage of skin texture—Some cases, patients with postoperative will produce
induration or blisters on the skin surface, must be the wounds of the conventional protection. l Pigment changes—Skin pigmentation of treated areas may be changed.
Pigmentation or hypopigmentation mostly occurs between skin types IV and VI,
or the skin exposed to the sun before or after being treated.
However, some patients still encounter dark pigmentation, which will gradually
fade after three to six months. Only a very few cases the pigment will be
permanently left.
Scarring—Minimal scarring appears, such as the proliferation of
hypertrophic scars or keloids and etc. It may be effective in reducing scarring to
follow the preoperative and postoperative guidelines.
Excessive edema — Temporary edema will immediately arise in the nose and
cheeks after surgery, which usually fades away within a few hours, but with a
possibility to last for several days.
Delicate skin—After the operation, treated areas and surrounding skin
becomes vulnerable. Avoid making up and massage when this happens (they
may cause skin damage).
Bruising—Purple bruise may occur a few days to several weeks after being
treated. When it fades ,significant rust red may appear, and then disappear
within 1~3 months.


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Our company has 10 years of experience in the development and production of beauty equipment, with a variety of categories of equipment: 755nm 808nm 1064 Diode Laser Hair Removal, Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal, Elight / IPL + ND YAG Laser, weight loss&body slimming and other radio frequency and freezing equipment
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